First post of 2017. You would think after 18 months I would be in a better place. No I'm still stuck.. Still trying to figure out what's next? I was asked by a friend the other day, whats the plan? I had no answer. Why do I need a plan? If there is a plan it's to sort out finances, which I'm finally on my way of doing.   Until 2 years ago I hadn't had a credit card for approx. 15 years.   

I now have debt on that, which I'm working on getting rid off and hope to have that gone in the next 12 months.  I want to start saving again but that seems pointless until the debit has gone... any spare cash I putting towards that.  

I have a mortgage and car finance, I don't consider as debit as such as you need them to live, maybe I don't need a car as such but I wouldn't be able to do my Job without being able to drive, so it's a need for me.

What I consider a debit is having thousands on credit card, I have been in a position, lucky position that I've always had some savings and I have used that to loan to myself and then pay it back over a number of months. 

There's no guilt when buying anything then, it's money that I have earned and I'm spending on what I want, rather than money that I have borrowed to buy what I want before I have earned it, if hope that makes sense.

I want to get back there, I hope I can, but it's hard, really hard. If I can have 12 months of no financial surprises then, hopefully I can get back to the point that I can start saving again. 



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