Progress of Sorts

So my last post I talked about my finances and unexpected expenses.  Well I had good news and bad news, good news, is my credit card debit free, thanks to a generous work bonus, I have managed to clear my credit card. Yey! :-)

Off course as awesome as life is, a few days later after paying it off, my washing machine broke. :@ I took the plunge and purchased a new one.. I figured I should bite the bullet and with any luck it's not going to break in the next 10 years, the last one lasted that long. 

I didn't know this was possible but I have managed to remove my wife (yes, that's right, I've still have sorted out the divorce, not sure why, still can't quite let go. :-( :@) from being financial associated to me, so if she get's into financial trouble it hopefully shouldn't effect me.

Ethan (my son) is awesome.  He's doing really well in school considering the random few years he had to the start of his life. His school report is really positive, very proud of him. 

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