So what next?

I've had this domain, since around 2002.  It used to have it's own blog before, which at some point I lost. I can't recall what happened now. 

I'm now rebooting this site and using it as a new area for me to post about the none "Geek" stuff happening in my life, rather than mixing content over at, that will be the place for all things geeky.

This will be about, me and my son, Ethan.

12 months ago my wife left me.  This last year has been one of adjustment and re-evaluate, what's next?  What do I want from Life? I'm just note sure.  

I didn't see it coming, my Wife leaving. So it's been a very big shock to the system.   I've taken it hard, the betrayal.  

I've tried to focus on my son, Ethan who was five last May, he is a sweet, kind and gentle little soul.  I never wanted any child of mine to come from a parent's who split and in some ways I'm more devastated for him than myself.

I suppose writing here is some kind of self therapy if that's possible and hopefully a record for Ethan when he's old enough to read it.  

Does it have to be public, of course not!  Should it be public?  For me it helps that I feel like I'm talking to someone.

There's lots I want/need to say. 

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  • JohnYarbi

    6/27/2016 11:03:26 PM | Reply

    I think I was looking up something related to saving TechNet when I came across your site and started poking around.  I know how it is going through a divorce with kids and being lost for a while.  It has to have been, and continues to be, the hardest thing I have ever gone through.  If you ever want to chat, shoot me an email.  I've had random blogs over the years and am a rambling geek myself so I'm sure we would have a fair amount to talk about.  Looking forward to future blog posts.

    • Wayne

      8/5/2016 2:12:38 PM | Reply

      Hi John,
      Thanks for comment, I really appreciate it.  That's has really made me smile. Smile

      Thank You!

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